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After being away for a couple of years, Jerry Bolanti is back in his tough, North Jersey neighborhood, close to swampy meadowlands where bodies get pulled from the trunks of cars and dumped. He's short on cash, so a local boss, Anthony Iadavia, throws him some work - as a collector and a holdup man. But Jerry's cocky and a hothead, so he makes enemies faster than he can deliver on the jobs. Whatever bag or case of cash he touches doesn't seem to make it back to Iadavia. But Jerry's resilient and persistent, so he just may get his revenge as well as a chance to go caravan camping with his girl.
Neighborhood kid goes to work for the Mafia as a debt collector.
Its probably a safe bet to say that "Family Enforcer" or "The Death Collector" (origianl title) won't go down as one of the best mob/gangster movies ever made. Never the less, even with the obvious low budget, if you're fascinated by mobsters and gangsters, "Family Enforcer" definitely has something to offer. The movie follows the style of such films as "Goodfellas" and "Mean Streets" by following the lower level guys in the criminal ladder, the main one here being Jerry Bolanti (played by Joe Cortese). Fresh out of prison, Jerry visits the local mob boss in his Jersey neighborhood (a completely unknown Lou Criscuolo) for some "work". What follows is a messy odyssey of collections, botched robberies, and murder. If I had to guess what makes the movie effective, it would probably be the gritty atmosphere that the movie is able to create that seems all too real, from the shady clubs where the guys hang out to the shots of the Jersey meadows where the bodies are dumped. Of course, what is most likely to draw people to this movie-if they've heard of it-is probably the chance of seeing Joe Pesci before he became a star, though I must empathize, Pesci is not the star, despite what the jacket cover on IMDb might show. The film is helped by the good acting of all involved, including another future mob movie fixture, Frank Vincent. The film is not perfect, but never the less, I can't help but wonder why the director, Ralph De Vito, never directed another movie again (I've heard from others on this site that he was actually murdered in a shooting. If that's true, then maybe Mr. De Vito got a little too close to reality for his own good). So, while I can't say this is a great movie, its not a bad one to catch when you have nothing to do.
"Let me ask you one more question" Ha ! what a great soon .. this movie was brilliant fantastic acting, great script. The only reason no-one noticed it was because of the low budget everyone will agree with me that its a cult just like "Donnie Brasco" it shows a young Joe Pesci once again as a mobster, this film is up their with the cults. its got some sopranos and some goodfellas chase got his idea for the sopranos when he watched this and Scorsese found Joe Pesci while watching it, that proves it must be a great am i right or am i wrong 'eh ?. I've got to admit they showed one brilliant scene where they were throwing peanuts at a camp piano player "Stop with the friggen peanuts".

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